Frater's Quality Check Department ensures every batch is checked stringently, and all new products are aged in the advanced aging machine to ensure the life declared on the product meets the claim.

Frater outsources its components from the industry's best, ensuring clients receive the best by-product after manufacture. Frater's continuous improvement in lighting demands ever better metrology tools and aims to rely on modern measurement practices to be competitive and outstanding.

Surface Mount Technology (SMT)

Frater is focused and invested in smart work systems and has the latest sophisticated and accurate Surface Mount Technology (SMT) & machinery lines. For Frater, we use a technologically advanced SMT assembly line for LED products One of the most sophisticated, future proof SMT lines in the GCC and Middle East, having the ability to mount 90,000 led chips / hour.

Stencil Printing & Auto Optical Inspection (AOI)

Frater has a highly sophisticated PCB stencil printing machine. The 100% on-line quality checks are done by the precise Auto Optical Inspection (AOI) machine. This conveyorized assembly, with the in-process end of line quality checks, are utilized within the manufacturing facility. This helps in achieving efficient, flawless products with repeatability and process capability.

Frater Linear Fixtures - Manufacturing

The linear fixtures are manufactured by the assembly team at the Frater Factory. The assembling starts after receiving the powder coated fixture bodies and all other components for the LED continuous linear fixture.

CNC & Spot Welding

The Frater factory has state of the art CNC machines and spot welding equipment for a fast precise manufacturing process.

Powder Coating

The factory has a large and modern Powder Coating Plant, which is powered by a highly skilled work force for optimal quality products.